He said, she said: Elegant editing


Do you struggle with the ‘he said’, ‘she said’ of handling quotes in your business writing? Maybe you’d like to incorporate a little more variety? Here are some unobtrusive mechanisms to help you. 1. Weave the quote in Weave spoken quotes into the middle of your text; don’t just place them at the beginning or end [...]

He said, she said: Elegant editing2021-01-31T17:01:33+10:00

Loving the variety


Our nine-month milestone triggered us to review the clients for whom we have done editing and proofreading jobs, and we found a wonderful variety of industry sectors represented. This means, of course, that we receive a great range of documents to edit, and the content is fascinating. Contact us today to discuss an editing job, [...]

Loving the variety2016-12-18T22:10:43+10:00

One-minute tip: Write like a local


If you are writing in Word, change your language from US English to Australian English. (Select the whole document, and – in my version of Word – go to Tools then Language.) You will avoid spelling errors such as trialing, fetal, behavior, fulfillment, center, canceling and theater, not to mention all those zzzzzs. Don't [...]

One-minute tip: Write like a local2021-04-09T19:45:38+10:00