Spelling changes frequently


Does the spelling of any of these words surprise you? These are all the Macquarie Dictionary’s preferred spelling. The English language changes quickly, often without us realising. Transcripts of John Curtin’s wartime speeches show ‘to-day’ as hyphenated. I haven’t come across anyone who still writes ‘to-day’ with a hyphen. However, while the Macquarie prefers ‘statewide’ [...]

Spelling changes frequently2021-04-09T19:40:39+10:00

An organisation is singular


A business writing tip for you. People often ask me ‘What’s the most common grammatical error you find?’ And a frequent example is people writing about a company as a plural thing, such as ‘Microsoft are highly profitable.’ ❌ While we often ???? ????? companies as ‘they’, it’s better to treat them as a singular [...]

An organisation is singular2021-03-17T16:22:31+10:00

Your crisis is our emergency


We've been giving plenty of thought lately to how we can keep things simple. And that's important because our clients turn to us for document editing in a hurry, before they hit ‘send’. Here’s how we do it: A website without pop-up windows blocking your view No login or password to remember, even on our [...]

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Premise or premises?


Are you clear about the use of ‘premise’ and ‘premises’? The many COVID-19 instructions about self-isolating have highlighted an anomaly in English (and we know there are many!) Premises is a plural noun, but it is used to describe a single building, using a plural verb. (See the end if you are interested in [...]

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