Resources about inclusive and respectful language


‘Inclusive language is not about being “politically correct” – it is about using language which is respectful, accurate, and relevant to everyone.’ (Diversity Council Australia) Here are websites that provide guidance on inclusive and respectful language (and practices). 1. Australian Government Style Manual A clear summary, good overall starting point 2. Victorian Government [...]

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Write generic words in lower case


Murray Street?Davey Street?Murray and Davey streets. This quick grammar-nerd tip will keep you out of trouble. ****** So we all know that a proper noun, such as a place name, is written with upper case: ✅ Murray Street But, when two or more are written together, the generic word should be in lower case: [...]

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Shall I ask ‘if’ or ‘whether’?


Holly is Executive Assistant to a CEO, and each month she arranges the company board meeting. She compiles and sends out the board papers, arranges the catering, and corresponds with the directors about arrangements. It is over this correspondence, however, that her stress begins, and it's possible you have sometimes been in a similar position. The majority of [...]

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Should that be I or me?


Our school teachers and parents misled us! They reprimanded us countless times when we said, "Me and Billy are going to the lolly shop." "Billy and I," they corrected. That in itself was fair enough, but the effect on many people is they no longer dare say, "Billy and me", or "my wife and me" – ever, and [...]

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Change the language in your Word document


This one’s the easiest tip in the toolbox! Most of our clients are Australian, but we notice their documents frequently come to us with MS Word’s language set to US English. This means Word’s spellchecker will be working in US English, too. Clients then end up with a mix of spelling, such as ‘organisation’ and [...]

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