‘We polish your words so your reputation is never tarnished’

Hit Send is a team of document editors and proofreaders based in Tasmania and New South Wales.

We specialise in reviewing documents for companies, small businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations. Hit Send is a preferred provider for several Tasmanian Government departments.

Our clients are from a wide variety of industries, and we favour elegant, clear, readable English. Please note we don’t edit student essays, theses or fiction.

The jobs we take on range from a 15-minute proofread to major projects, so feel free to approach us for a chat about whatever you have in mind.

The Hit Send story (how appearances and reputation matter)


I think you’ll agree that people generally make an effort to present themselves well for work?

At Hit Send, we strongly believe the importance of appearance extends to what you write – and how you write it.

True story

In my former life, we hired a firm of consultants to work through a problem that was a real thorn in our sides. We invested a fair sum of money, as you do, and eagerly awaited their recommendations.

The day of their presentation arrived. Our consultants arrived in good time, set up in a professional way, passed pleasantries with us over coffee, and their appearance (suits all round) confirmed they agreed that appearances matter.

It was only when they began their presentation that appearances let them down: their PowerPoint slides and accompanying handouts were so full of basic errors that their credibility evaporated. Members of our management team tried not to catch each other’s eye. I was torn between feeling cross and incredulous. Would my team still take the recommendations seriously? I was not looking forward to reading the report itself.

As feared

Instead of returning to our offices filled with optimism for carefully considered solutions, my team filed back shaking their heads and discussing spelling and grammar. The consultants had ‘lost’ their audience who became focused on the fine detail. And our relationship with our consultants had changed as our trust diminished. We would not be giving them repeat business, nor referring them to potential clients.

Reputation damage

At Hit Send, we see the threat to reputation as the number 1 reason to use a proofreader or editor. Think about these things too:

  • Everyone knows it’s hard to spot errors in your own work – you are too close to it.
  • You are no doubt short of time.
  • What is the value to you of a repeat client?

We believe reputation matters. Think about those consultants and choose a different path.


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