‘We polish your words so your reputation is never tarnished’

Hit Send, based in Hobart, Tasmania, is an editing and proofreading business run by Mel Roome and backed by a talented team of freelancers who are on call to help deliver on our fast-turnaround promise. Our editors all live in Australia.

We specialise in checking documents for companies, small businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations. Hit Send is a preferred provider for several Tasmanian Government departments. Please note we don’t edit student essays or theses. The jobs we take on range from a ten-minute proofread to major projects, so feel free to approach Mel for a chat about whatever you have in mind.

Hit Send editors favour straightforward but elegant, informative, readable English. (Mel delivers plain English workshops for the Tasmanian Government’s 26TEN literacy and numeracy campaign.)

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, and you may like to view a sample of the published reports and magazines we’ve edited recently.

We edit in Australian English

Our reference tools for editing at Hit Send are the latest editions of the Macquarie Dictionary and Australian Government Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers, but we can equally use your organisation’s style guide.

We edit in British English

For our British clients, operating in different time zones means we can edit your final draft reports while you sleep; overnight editing means no time is wasted, and you receive the peace of mind of a final edit. We refer to Oxford Dictionaries, including the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors and Fowler’s Modern English Usage. Send us your organisation’s style guide if you like.

How Hit Send came about

Mel Roome, Principal Editor, MA Oxf, GAICD.

The inspiration for Hit Send came from my time in small business, where so often over the years I heard colleagues call out, ‘Mel, can you check this before we hit “send”?’

I graduated with a Master of Arts from Oxford before coming to Australia ­– over half my lifetime ago (ouch). I’ve written several books for children that have been published, countless stories for women’s magazines, and have ten years’ experience editing corporate and academic writing. For some time I taught English as a second language to business students in Western Australia and wrote an ESL textbook. Proofreading and editing are my core skills, and I favour plain but elegant English. Now I’m lucky enough to live in Hobart, Tasmania with a view of Mt Wellington from the front and the River Derwent from the back. Hobart is beautiful, with an ideal climate, very little traffic but lots happening.

My career has been in HR, fundraising, committee secretariat roles, events management and community engagement, both in the public and private sectors. This diverse experience is valuable in my editing work. I’m a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd. You are welcome to connect with me through LinkedIn.

Mel Roome, Principal Editor

Photo by Kate M Burton

For the last four years of working for somebody else, I managed alumni relations at the University of Tasmania. This was a fantastic job: communicating with 80,000 graduates worldwide, setting up social media channels and an e-newsletter, overseeing our biannual magazine (yep, couldn’t help but proofread it), and travelling around the world to meet with alumni.

These days I’m delighted to manage my own business; how else do you find the perfect boss?

That’s Hit Send in a nutshell (oops, we just slipped in a cliché at the end there).

Visit our express proofreading page (for up to 3000 words) or report editing page and get started.

Mel Roome in the Hit Send car