A business writing tip for you. People often ask me ‘What’s the most common grammatical error you find?’ And a frequent example is people writing about a company as a plural thing, such as ‘Microsoft are highly profitable.’ ❌

While we often ???? ????? companies as ‘they’, it’s better to treat them as a singular thing when you write.

Think of a company (or an organisation) as just one, as an ‘it’. Write: ‘Woolworths is listed on the ASX. It is the second largest company in NZ.’ ✅

Do this even when the organisation sounds like a plural or family name, like Hazel Bros.

If you’re writing about your ??? ??????? ?? ????????, such as in your strategy or annual report, it’s good to write ‘we’ and ‘our’, too. This is increasingly favoured as a friendly style. ‘Woolworths ?? listed on the ASX. ?? ??? the second largest company in NZ.’ ✅

So here it’s perfectly fine to switch from singular to plural. Crazy, eh?


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Image showing example sentences to demonstrate an organisation is singular, as in the text