It was breakfast time one morning in mid-December, my editing jobs were tidied away, and I was enjoying the sense of anticipation about what the day would bring.

My phone rang.

“Is that Hit Send?” The voice was evidently British and the call had that long-distance fuzziness to it.

“It is.”

“I’m just going to bed; it’s midnight here in the UK. Can you check a presentation for me while I’m asleep?”


Much as I love my Australian clients, undertaking ‘overnight’ jobs for people on the other side of the world is core business for Hit Send.

While I’d been enjoying brekky, my new client had been scrambling to finish preparing a pitch, close to the witching hour, too late for anyone local to help her. We’ve all been there. Britain and Australia being in different time zones means that Hit Send’s editing service is valuable for those in a late-night spot of bother. The fact that I was born and educated in England helps with the British English too.

Chatting briefly with my new UK client (I did like her accent), I noted with pleasure she had found me on page 1 or 2 of Google. Like several other Hit Send clients, she needed my service because she’s a dyslexia sufferer. This has to be tough. It’s practically impossible to check our own writing effectively, because our eyes read what the brain thinks is on the page, but for someone with dyslexia I can only begin to imagine the frustration.

And the job itself was satisfying: it was a high-value pitch; there were improvements I could make to it; and my client was relieved and happy to find the returned document waiting in her inbox at brekky-time.

I hope she slept well.



PS – My client won the pitch. Learn more about our editing services for British clients.