Thank you for taking our newsletter quiz.

The correct answers are in red:

1.  Yes, it’s been a while – this is the first Hit Send newsletter since July. It’s a disgrace! Why do you think this has happened? Because Mel has been:
a)  too lazy
b)  too busy (good news!)
c)  off sick

2.  Hit Send has been operating for about 15 months and we have edited, proofread or written a total of:
a)  149 documents for 26 customers
b)  301 documents for 62 customers
c)  383 documents for 89 customers

3.  Which type of documents do you think Hit Send editors have been busiest with?
a)  web content and brochures
b)  blogs and posts
c)  reports and strategies
d)  job applications

4.  In this first year and a quarter, Mel alone has written, proofread or edited approx:
a)  115,000 words
b)  515,000 words
c)  1.17M words (it’s true!)

5.  As a result, her least-favourite word is:
a)  utilise
b)  commence
c)  iconic
d)  all of the above – please avoid them

6.  Hit Send’s first year of trading has convinced Mel that setting up in business was:
a)  a poor decision
b)  pretty scary
c)  the best move ever (Hobart is a wonderful place to do business)

7.  Recently, Mel has also:
a)  edited Malcolm Turnbull’s speech to the Paris convention on climate change
b)  delivered plain English training for 26TEN (Tasmanian Government)
c)  eaten lunch at Frank, Hobart every day

8. Hit send reopens after Christmas on:
a)  28 December 
b)  4 January (shaking the sand out of my laptop)
c)  it depends

If you scored 8/8, why not email me at Or email me anyway!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Hit Send car with Christmas tree