‘We polish your words so your reputation is never tarnished’

At Hit Send we edit any document for businesses, government, membership organisations and not-for-profits. Examples include: reports, strategies, business plans, websites, tenders and training modules. Discover more about our professional editing of long documents.

Our super-fast express proofreading service covers emails, newsletters, short reports, letters, media releases, web content, blogs, signs, advertisements, product packaging, marketing material and speeches.

For document formats, there is a question/answer lower down.

If you are using our express proofreading service, standard documents are up to 3,000 words (or approximately 6-9 pages).

Through our document editing service, we edit any length of document.

We also edit websites.

Structural editing

Also called substantive editing, this involves looking at the overall structure and shape of the document. Is it in a logical order, easy to follow, complete, or indeed too long?


Sometimes called line editing (because we approach it line by line), here we look at the sentences and words. Are the sentences clear, are the phrases as concise as possible, is the spelling of words consistent and does it read well?


This is a final check for any errors or typos. We also check web links, layout and page breaks.

When you submit a job, there is a field for you to specify any instructions you may have, such as what level of editing you require. Alternatively, you may leave that to our discretion. In practice, we find that most documents require a combination of proofreading and copyediting. For this reason, we don’t differentiate between our proofreading and editing rates.

We assure you that we treat all documents with the utmost confidentiality; we can sign a bespoke confidentiality agreement if you wish.

Our preferred format is MS Word, as it’s the quickest for us to use and to tracked changes in. We will also proofread/edit:

MS PowerPoint
Websites – either using your login, or with the copy in Word before you upload it

Our preferred format is MS Word. We will return two versions to you: one version will show our edits in ‘tracked changes’, and the second version will be a clean copy.

If you are prepaying for editing, such as through our express proofreading service, you will receive a receipt in the form of a tax invoice. This will be emailed to you when you pay using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

For all longer jobs, we invoice you. Our payment terms are fourteen days.

Yes, we offer three payment methods:

For Express and (UK) Overnight Editing, payments can be made via PayPal or credit card. Credit card payments are processed through eWay, which provides secure merchant services.

Hit Send staff do not see (or store) your credit card details.

For longer document editing, such as reports, Hit Send issues an invoice and payments can be made by direct bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card.

We do – and we will refund your money should we fail to make the deadline, which hasn’t happened yet (phew!).

Our turnaround times currently relate to our extended business hours, that is 8.30 am–8.30 pm Hobart-time, and to documents up to 3000 words, or 5000 words for our overnight service for the UK. So, for an Australian 3-hour job, please have it in by 5.30pm, for example. UK jobs should be sent to us by 11pm British time. We consider the job returned when we send it back to you by email, and the email appears to send successfully (i.e. it shows up in our Sent folder and we don’t receive any bounce-back message).

Yes, the minimum charge is $30 including GST, for a 500-word proofread on 48-hour turnaround. Our express proofreading service is charged in 500-word blocks, up to a max 3,000 words.

No, there is no need to login or remember a password to use the Hit Send website. You may need your PayPal password if you would like to pay via PayPal.

Sure. Why not call Mel on 0439 918 994 or email to discuss?

Sorry, Hit Send edits business documents only. We don’t edit assignments, Honours, Masters or PhD theses.

Sure, we will edit any business documents at Hit Send. It can take a little extra time to edit text written by a person whose first language is not English, so you will understand our quote may be a little higher too. Sorry, no students.

Please submit your document by 11pm British time, and midnight at the latest.

Hit Send is in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), but we edit for clients all over the world.