‘Noun strings’ are awful and do my brain in. The nouns are consecutive, so there are no little words to break them up. Here’s how to fix them and improve your style.

First, what’s the matter with them?
Two nouns are common, such as lion cub. Three-word noun strings can be OK:
✅ home insurance premium, ✅ phone charger cable

but I think this one is more confusing:
❌ disaster resilience development

Noun strings of more than 3 words become hard to grasp. They lead to a stodgy style and befuddled readers.

While the words are all nouns (things or concepts), all but the final one act like adjectives (descriptive words).

For example:
❌ aged care lifestyle activities
❌ precision camera robot software solutions

What to do?
1. Delete whatever descriptive words you can
2. Reverse the order of the string (see attachment)
3. Break up nouns with little words: articles (a, the) and prepositions (for, of)
4. Convert the noun (that hides the main action) to a verb

❌ stakeholder communication engagement plan
✅ a plan to communicate and engage with stakeholders

❌ an exhaust system support bracket
✅ a bracket that supports the exhaust system

Eliminate them, you good thing you!