Hank has co-authored a report with a bunch of colleagues. Perhaps you do this, too?

Hank is pretty confident in his writing style. But…

  • Veronica is verbose
  • Amelia is abrupt
  • Harry from HR writes a mass of jargon and acronyms.

It’s all too clear that several people have written the report; it lacks consistency and a clear voice.

Hank wants it to be a whole lot better, but he has two problems:

  1. He’s flat chat.
  2. He feels very awkward editing his colleagues’ writing.

Fortunately that’s where Hit Send can help. We edit multi-authored reports all the time. We are often asked to:

  • make sure there is one voice and a clear message
  • ensure consistency (usage, spelling, company terms)
  • ‘adjudicate’.

Yes, our clients report that it is much easier for them if we ‘adjudicate’ on style and grammar. It’s easier for everyone to accept the outcomes.

Depicts a meeting at which people are writing