Hit Send runs a series of grammar tips and thoughts on our Facebook page. Here’s a selection of the best for you.

Misspelled Monday

On Misspelled Monday‬, I recall this useful spelling principle. A school principal is a prince and a pal (well, once you reach year 12), and the same applies to anything of foremost importance. A ‘principle’ is a rule, and you do things ‘on principle’ so as not to bend your rule.












Tautological Tuesday

A tautology involves the needless repetition of an idea, such as ‘they enjoyed the morning sunrise’. This is my favourite, from Russell Brand.

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesdays are plain English days when we try to be, well… less wordy. Replace ‘as a consequence of’ with ‘because’. It’s a great way to sound less stuffy and write more clearly – and folk will take you just as seriously.

Thesaurus Thursday

This is an excuse to share vocabulary we’d love to hear more often. Brouhaha (n.) – an uproar or turmoil, a commotion, a hullabaloo. There’s usually a brouhaha in the Hit Send office whenever we hear politicians using weasel words.

Phonetic Friday

We come across confusion between it’s and its every week. Here are two easy ways of remembering which one to use.

1. It’s

The apostrophe in it’s signifies letters missing (it is or it has). It’s (it is) cold today, and it’s (it has) been snowing.

2. Its, his, her, our, your, their

Its, the possessive form (e.g. the company and its staff), has no apostrophe. But wait on, other possessive adjectives have no apostrophe either (his company, her staff), so this is a good way to remember. His, her, its – use them the same way as each other, all without an apostrophe.


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