We edit while you sleep

  • For businesses in the UK, save time by having your documents edited or proofread in Australia. Submit a job by 11pm UK time, and receive it back by 8am. 

  • Use this overnight editing service for brief documents up to 5,000 words, or visit <report editing> for longer documents.

  • In Word, you will receive two versions: one showing tracked changes and the other a ready-to-use copy with changes accepted. PowerPoint and PDFs are fine too.

  • It’s easy – no login, no password, and pay by credit card or PayPal in 500-word blocks.

  • We guarantee our overnight delivery time with a money-back promise. We haven’t missed a deadline yet.

  • Any questions? Email us at mel@hitsend.com.au. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive. If you’re ready to send us a document to edit, jump onto the form at the foot of this page.

Mel Roome in the Hit Send car

Document types

Use us to check your business proposals, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, media releases, short reports, LinkedIn or news articles, website copy, blogs, product packaging, and even letters and emails.

We proofread and edit longer documents (reports, annual reports, strategic plans, training manuals, handbooks etc.) too – visit our Document Editing page.

About us

Our principal editor, Mel Roome, grew up in England and is an Oxford graduate.

Hit Send provides English editing and proofreading services to business and government. We are highly regarded, careful and thorough.

Our business model means we can provide a level of service that is outstanding for our size.

Our guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee on our overnight editing delivery. Your job needs to be submitted by 11pm UK-time for return by 8am. We send your document back by email, and consider it returned when our email is successfully sent.

What our clients say

Avoiding typos and having good grammar are critical for any business to look professional. Mel takes our work, and not only proof reads but make commentary on tone of voice and styling, which is very valuable. We are always to the wire on pitches and reports, so being able to send Mel something at 11pm, and to wake up at 8am knowing it will read perfectly, is hugely valuable to me – thanks Mel – you take away my stress and worry and allow us to present ourselves as a highly professional business. I can’t run my business without her now.

Hannah Carter, Partner, LiB Consultants, London

High quality, professional, timely service.

Jenny Denholm
Primary Health Tasmania

Always found Hit Send to be fast reliable, accurate and cost effective.

Scott Muskett
Digital Ink 

Send us a document to edit overnight

We accept payments via PayPal or credit card in Australian dollars.

Prices are AUD 34.00 per 500 words. Check XE currency converter.