Hit Send provides English editing and proofreading services
to business and government


Hit Send editors provide a fast but thorough proofread or edit of any brief business document, up to approximately 3 000 words. We return your work within 4, 24, or 48 hours. Documents we commonly check include: proposals, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, LinkedIn or news articles, new web copy, tricky letters and blogs. We don’t quote on these short jobs. Our unique Hit Send model allows you to submit your document, choose your turnaround time and pay online, with prices starting from $25 for 500 words.



Reports form the bulk of our workload: we edit management, consultancy and annual reports, tenders and grant applications. It’s perfect if you can book your long document in with us ahead of time, but we also check longish reports for clients in a rush. For a last-minute proofread, we can generally have a 35-page report back to you in a day, and on viewing the document we are happy to quote. Ask us to proofread, copyedit or provide a structural edit – or leave the choice to us. If you would like to have a chat about it, call Mel on +61 439 918 994.


‘We polish your words so your reputation is never tarnished’

Making it clear

How often have you had to read something twice to understand it? Isn’t it frustrating? Let’s make sure what you write is clear and your readers get your message the first time. We are careful to preserve your style and voice in any editing we do.

Fixing errors

We can protect your reputation by eliminating mistakes, for example the typos that spell checker can’t detect (trust us, there are many), hyperlinks that lead to ‘Page not found’, and inconsistencies in long documents that are written by several people in your team.

Checking the grammar

We will – of course – correct grammatical errors and misspellings in your English, as you would expect from a professional proofreading and editing service.


Amongst other things, we will ensure your heading levels are correct, your table of contents reflects your final version, and dot points are parallel and correctly punctuated. You will feel reassured everything has been tidied up.

I really don’t know how I would have done this without you. You have done such a thorough job in your final checking. I actually don’t think I am genetically capable of reading at that level so am truly in awe of your ability to do so.

Jane Melross
Principal Consultant, The Write Solution
(Mel worked for Jane on the NRM North and South 2015–2020 strategy documents.)

Mel Roome, principal editor at Hit Send, is by far the best editor and proofreader that I’ve worked with in almost thirty years of work.

Mark Bennett
General Manager, Menzies Institute for Medical Research