Hit Send editors ensure your annual reports and long business documents are impeccable.

  • We bring fresh eyes: Hit Send offers thorough, professional proofreading and editing of reports, annual reports, strategies, award entries, tenders, training manuals, eBooks etc. 

  • Our promise: You will find us helpful, responsive and professional. We bring intelligence and analytical brains to our editing. Our editors are based in Australia, and we specialise in Australian and British English.

  • Types of editing: You may ask for a proofread, copyedit, or a rewrite in plain English. Many clients ask for a copyedit in Word and a final proofread in PDF.

  • What we do: We check English grammar, spelling, consistency, style and formatting. We bring fresh eyes when you need them most to ensure your message is clear and you are ready to hit ‘send’.


We edit r
eports, annual reports, tenders, handbooks, training manuals, online course materials, school magazines, PowerPoint slides, and much more

Hit Send is a preferred provider of copyediting and proofreading to several Tasmanian Government departments.

Here are some examples of our work; there are more on our portfolio page.

Annual reports

Hit Send editors have copyedited or proofread 52 annual reports.

Australian Government

Department of Finance 2020

Tasmanian Government

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

TasRail 2019, 2020, TasWater 2019, 2020, Macquarie Point 2019

Tasmania Police 2016, 2017, 2018


South32 Annual reporting suite 2019

MyState Limited 2019


Menzies Institute of Medical Research 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018


Cornerstone Youth Services Inc 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Other reports and long documents

Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan 2019

Huonville Ranelagh Master Plan 2019

Various documents about the Murray–Darling River for the Government of South Australia 2017–2019

Suite of white papers for the Global Digital Health Partnership (Australian Government, Canberra) 2019, 2020

Business Events Tasmania, Planners Guide (2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21)

Report of the Independent Review into the Tasmanian Floods of June and July 2016 (2017)

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan (2016)


Do any of these problems sound familiar? Then you may need an editor.

It’s just possible that while your expertise is sound, the structure, formatting and language of your final report is letting you down.

Hit Send editors are experienced at editing reports. We can help make sure your report is professional, your message is succinct and your recommendations are clear. If you have had several authors contribute to your report, we will be on the lookout for inconsistencies in spelling, terms and voice.

We’ll bring an intelligent eye to your final report and thus help you win repeat business.

Protecting your business from reputation damage is perhaps the number 1 reason for hiring an editor.

We know how embarrassing errors can be. Impressions count, even in an age of text messages and social media. Often enough, what you write will end up being visible to everyone online.

We won’t list here (or anywhere) the howlers we have spared our clients from having published. However, ‘You really saved my bacon’ is a phrase we have heard often enough that we feel our lives are worthwhile.

Report fatigue. We see this a lot, and it’s understandable. You’ve no doubt been immersed in the project for some time. Writing it all up can feel like the last straw, and no doubt other projects are competing for your time.

The good news is we’ll probably do a better job of checking your report, just by virtue of bringing fresh eyes to the task (let alone being professional editors). It’s almost impossible with your own work to spot the mistakes or areas where your message is not coming through clearly.

Moreover, if we do the editing, just think of what you can get on with instead.

Your tender submission certainly needs to stand above other submissions to be successful. It must look professional, be well ordered, and answer all questions succinctly. Contact us as early as possible in the process, as there are documents such as CVs that we can start working on with you.

Have you worked out what is causing all the questions? Might your customers be confused by the wording of your website? Or by the letters or emails you send out?

Hit Send editors are experienced in editing web copy and company letter templates. We can do this in plain English.

Once your templates are clearly written, you can be confident about sending out letters and emails to customers in future. That should lead to less time spent on the phone – and less cost to your business.


Appearances matter

I think you’ll agree that people generally make an effort to present themselves well for work?

At Hit Send, we strongly believe the importance of appearance extends to what you write – and how you write it.

True story

In my former life, we hired a firm of consultants to work through a problem that was a real thorn in our sides. We invested a fair sum of money, as you do, and eagerly awaited their recommendations.

The day of their presentation arrived. Our consultants arrived in good time, set up in a professional way, passed pleasantries with us over coffee, and their appearance (suits all round) confirmed they agreed that appearances matter.

But then

It was only when they began their presentation that appearances let them down: their PowerPoint slides and accompanying handouts were so full of basic errors that their credibility evaporated. Members of our management team tried not to catch each other’s eye. I was torn between feeling cross and incredulous. Would my team still take the recommendations seriously? I was not looking forward to reading the report itself.

As feared

Instead of returning to our offices filled with optimism for carefully considered solutions, our team filed back shaking their heads and discussing spelling and grammar. The consultants had ‘lost’ their audience who became focused on the fine detail. And our relationship with our consultants had changed as our trust diminished. We would not be giving them repeat business, nor referring them to potential clients.

Reputation damage

At Hit Send, we see the threat to reputation as the number 1 reason to use a proofreader or editor. Think about these things too:

  • Everyone knows it’s hard to spot errors in your own work – you are too close to it
  • You are probably short of time anyway
  • Our time is likely cheaper than yours
  • What is the value to you of a repeat client? I daresay much more than the cost of using an editor.

What more can we say? Think about those consultants and don’t be those mugs.


What our clients say

The service from Hit Send is fast, thorough and friendly. Mel understands what constitutes a high standard of written communication.

Miranda Harman, Marketing and Communications Manager, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Mel Roome is so easy to work with and very quickly had an understanding of our needs within our limitations. The outcome of the editing was fresh but retained the intent of the document.

Jen Cramer, Executive Assistant 
Inland Fisheries Service

Quick professional service, excellent editing work.

Nathalie Laurence, Communications Officer
NRM South

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