Does the spelling of any of these words surprise you?

These are all the Macquarie Dictionary’s preferred spelling. The English language changes quickly, often without us realising.

Transcripts of John Curtin’s wartime speeches show ‘to-day’ as hyphenated. I haven’t come across anyone who still writes ‘to-day’ with a hyphen. However, while the Macquarie prefers ‘statewide’ without a hyphen, I commonly see statewide hyphenated.

So what?

  1. I suggest this matters if you would like your organisation to appear contemporary.
  2. And it doesn’t look great if your staff are spelling words inconsistently in your outward-facing comms.

I recommend subscribing your company to the Macquarie Online Dictionary – then asking your staff to bookmark and use it.

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Examples of contemporary English spelling such as focused, statewide, longstanding