The difference between proofreading and editing


As fairly few business people have used editors and proofreaders, I am often asked to define just what we do. Here are the basic distinctions between proofreading and editing: Proofreading This is a final check for errors, typos and formatting that's gone awry. We cross-check content lists with body copy, check headings are in a consistent [...]

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Editing in British English while you sleep


It was breakfast time one morning in mid-December, my editing jobs were tidied away, and I was enjoying the sense of anticipation about what the day would bring. My phone rang. "Is that Hit Send?" The voice was evidently British and the call had that long-distance fuzziness to it. "It is." "I'm just going to [...]

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One-minute tip: Make dot points parallel


Bullet or dot points should have a 'parallel' structure to be correct. Example 1: Incorrect: Activities I enjoy on holiday include: Snorkelling River-rafting The chance to get my dance shoes on Correct: Activities I enjoy on holiday include: Snorkelling River-rafting Dancing the night away Notice that each of the first bullet-pointed words is the same [...]

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Plain English: Get behind it


“Plain English is a way of presenting information that helps someone understand it the first time they read or hear it. It allows them to get the information they need, understand it easily and act if they need to.” This definition is drawn from 26TEN’s excellent booklet, Communicate Clearly. A Guide to Plain English. Do [...]

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Making niche nice


With thanks to our guest blogger, Polly McGee, freelance writer, digital strategist and broadcaster with flair.   In a market strewn with commodities, the contemporary small business increasingly uses a niche, value-added strategy to carve out a particular part of the market. The long tail business model defines your customer into a narrow demographic that you [...]

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Editing for the ‘bogy-haunted creatures’


When I was young and still impressionable, my father often quoted Fowler’s Modern English Usage (1965 edition) to me verbatim. His favourite section tickled his sense of humour and concerned split infinitives. It began as follows: “The English-speaking world may be divided into (1) those who neither know nor care what a split infinitive is; [...]

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Editing tip #5: Are you pulling your punches?


Many executives receive an easy 50+ emails per day. Are yours being read? Just as important, are they acted upon? Do you ask questions in your emails, but find that only some questions receive responses? And in return do you receive emails that are ‘fluffy’ and incomprehensible? To try and minimise these problems and give your own [...]

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One-minute tip: Let’s start at the very beginning


In many instances, you may find you can improve what you have written by removing the first sentence. As getting started can be a bit of a hurdle, it's common to prevaricate and write an introduction, or some background; you're still busy getting your head around what you want to say. The result is a bit fluffy, with this introductory sentence slowing down the [...]

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