Editing tip #3: The basics of clear writing


Here we step back and provide some reminders for writing clear business English. They apply whether you are writing a report, a newsletter or a story for your website. 1. Plan what you want to say Dot points or headings are great for planning, getting content in the best order, and subsequently checking you’ve covered everything. [...]

Editing tip #3: The basics of clear writing2016-10-14T03:34:18+10:00

Editing tip #2: Getting apostrophes to behave


The apostrophe can be troublesome, no doubt about it. While there are many occasions when it should be used (judiciously, in the right spot...) let's start with three of its former uses that no longer apply. Contrary to many grocers’ blackboards advertising tomato’s or potato’s, the apostrophe does not have a place in forming plurals. [...]

Editing tip #2: Getting apostrophes to behave2016-12-18T22:21:19+10:00

Editing tip #1: Twelve items or fewer


It delighted me to see the introduction of DIY checkouts recently at my local supermarket, but perhaps not for the usual reasons you'd expect. Yes, it's quicker to get through the checkout now, and no, I don't have to chat to the checkout chick or rooster if I don't feel inclined (which I enjoyed anyway). [...]

Editing tip #1: Twelve items or fewer2016-12-18T22:13:49+10:00