Our little team is growing.

We’ve gained over 30 new clients over the past year, each of them producing fascinating and varied documents for us to review. Our workload has grown to the point it’s no longer a job for one, or even two, hardworking nutters.

I’m always mindful that responsiveness is integral to our business: it’s the nature of the editing and proofreading game, and one of our core values. So, to remain responsive and yet cope with our workload and the size of some of our contracts, I’ve decided to grow Hit Send a bit.

After much testing, trialling and a few coffees, I now have a team of five freelancers: my 2IC, Rajan, who is your go-to person for grant applications and tender writing (you know what I mean); Cleo (with a legal background); Merridy (also a writer); Jane (a former University of Tasmania colleague); and Deb (a Word formatting whiz). We’re all based in Tasmania within a stone’s throw of each other, except for Jane who has has scarpered to Melbourne, but we’re working on that.

I still do a hefty whack of editing myself and check all editing and proofreading jobs on their way back to you. I’m happy to have such a great team behind me. Exciting times.

Fish jumps from one bowl to a bigger one, depicting the growth of Hit Send editors and proofreaders