This one’s the easiest tip in the toolbox!

Most of our clients are Australian, but we notice their documents frequently come to us with MS Word’s language set to US English. This means Word’s spellchecker will be working in US English, too. Clients then end up with a mix of spelling, such as ‘organisation’ and ‘organization’, ‘labour’ and ‘labor’.

Which language or version of English do you prefer?

When writing in Word, always set ‘language’ to the one you want. For us, that’s generally Australian English.

To do this, ‘select all’ of the document before you change the language. (Note, some text boxes and tables may resist the ‘select all’ change.)

Then there are three easy ways to find the language changer:
1️⃣ In the bar at the foot of your Word document (as shown in the image here)
2️⃣ Under the Review tab
3️⃣ Under Tools

Bonus tip: Click on ‘Default’ to make it your default language, too. Oh, and don’t tick ‘Detect language automatically’.

Getting the language right throughout your document is easy to do (select all), and it will help you have consistent spelling.

Points to Word language bar at foot of document